Obligatory Snow Leopard merit badge post


When you’re a member of the Apple cult, it’s sort of like being in the Boy Scouts: you must continually earn merit badges on your way to becoming an Apple FanBoy Eagle Scout.

This week, we’re all earning our Snow Leopard merit badge.

For those of you not in the Apple FanBoy Scouts, Snow Leopard is the latest version (.6) of Mac OS X, which, if you’re an Apple FanBoy Scout, is pronounced “Oh-S-Ten” because, well, that’s how Scout-leader Steve pronounces it.

To earn your Snow Leopard merit badge, you must mention somewhere on the web that you’ve upgraded to 10.6. While a tweet tagged with #snowleopard will suffice, if you want to soar with the Apple FanBoy Eagle Scouts, then a 24-page review is what you’ll have to top. (And, please, don’t try this at home. Such things are best left to professional FanBoy Scouts on closed tracks.)

As for me, this blog post is it: I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard, last night. Took about an hour, but it’s like waiting for water to boil — much slower, if you’re watching it. And like a Real Apple FanBoy Scout, I used that hour to read a PDF version of the 24-page review I had earlier e-mailed to my Kindle — which I’m using as an ebook-reader until Apple releases the, uh, iPad.

One last thing I must do: Mention an obscure feature as the reason why I upgraded to Snow Leopard — as “obvious” features are not apparent to those who are not interested in earning the Snow Leopard merit badge.

So here goes. My obscure feature reference:

“It’s easily worth upgrading just for the vast improvement in how Snow Leopard lets me sync my Apple Address Book contacts with my Gmail contacts.”

That should do it. Now, if I could just find my sash.