Tennessean.com finally gets the blogging thing

Since I’ve complained for several years about the stumbles in using new-media by my local newspaper, the Gannett-owned Tennessean.com, I feel compelled to provide a shout-out this morning to their blog, Titans Insider. As I’ve long said on this blog, the best writing in the Tennessean, and most local newspapers, can be found on the sports pages. I’ll explain why (and it’s important) in another post one day, however, it’s especially true at the Tennessean.

The Titans Insider blog is giving the sports staff an additional platform to display why they are the leading source of insightful and informed knowledge, not just the kind of ranting one often is subjected to on talk-radio and social-media when the topic is sports.

Another kudo to the Tennessean: They’re trying hard with Twitter also. Who knows? Maybe they’ll get there.

(Standard note in these kind of posts: My complaints with the Tennessean have never been with journalists, but with the clueless people for whom they work.)

P.S. Unfortunately the Titans lost in overtime. I think they displayed, however, that they have the potential to be playing well into January.