At home with my friend, Alice Randall

My friend, the novelist Alice Randall, is profiled in an “At Home” feature in Thursday’s New York Times (D-1). The online version has already been posted and features a wonderful slideshow of photographs of the home of Alice and her husband, David Ewing, by Josh Anderson. Alice’s new book, Rebel Yell is coming out next month and I hope you’ll be seeing lots of publicity related to it in the coming weeks.

When I say Alice is “my friend,” I don’t mean the “I’ve met her and we kinda know each other” kind of friend. I mean the real kind of friend you have who is so close that our on-going heated arguments are no threat to our closeness. In other words, like the kind of friendship you have with a sibling. We have shared many adventures and hopes and fears and laughter and even a few tears. And many of them have taken place where these photos were taken. I’ll admit, however, the photos are so beautifully — and perfectly — shot, the homeyness of Alice and David’s home doesn’t come through in quite the same way I’ve experienced it through years of sharing life’s journey with kids and lots and lots of friends.

I’m proud of Alice and I love her very much. She’s a special member of my family of choice. Now, go order her book. ; )