FTC moves to regulate paid blog endorsements

On July 28, 2005, I blogged this: “I say podcasting won’t officially be mainstream until it has its first payola scandal.”

I thought of that short post (these, days, such a short post would have been relegated to Twitter) when I read this headline on AdAge.com:

FTC Cracks Down on Blogger Payola

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on blogger payola.

The agency, which protects consumers from fraud or deceptive business practices, voted 4 to 0 to update its rules governing endorsements, and the new guidelines require bloggers to clearly disclose any “material connection” to an advertiser, including payments for an endorsement or free product.

Wasn’t it like about a week or so ago when blogs were the mosquitos of media?

(Disclosure: This blog is one big advertisement for me. I pay myself to endorse those things in which I believe.)