Here’s who will run the internet if the nuts have their way


Just in time for the National Peanut Festival, AP President Tom Curley is sounding nuttier and nuttier:

“Crowd-sourcing Web services such as Wikipedia, YouTube and Facebook have become preferred customer destinations for breaking news, displacing Web sites of traditional news publishers,” (the president of AP) said. “We content creators must quickly and decisively act to take back control of our content.”*


In July, I wrote a post called: “It’s official: The AP is absolutely nuts.”
*On September 30, I wrote a post called: “Why I use Wikipedia to follow major news events like the Samoa earthquake and tsunami.”

Bonus: From Jeff Jarvis: “They stood near Tiananmen Square –- as Alan Mairson tweeted, “Nice touch: They made announcement in Great Hall of the People, shrine to Central Control” –- arguing once again that people who aggregate, curate, link to, talk about their stories are stealing their value.

*Note: If he had said, “we need to offer an alternative to Wikipedia,” the meaning of his comment would have been different — and something I could agree with. For example, I’m a huge fan of Times Topics which is an alternative to Wikipedia. But that’s not what he said. He says Wikipedia has taken over control of the AP’s content and, in effect, has declared war on it. And that is nuts.