Wish hard enough and Google will deliver


I didn’t use Google docs until about six months ago, and now I can’t remember what it was like not using it.

But I’ll confess: I drive some people crazy with all my sharing of Google documents.

The primary reason I love Google Docs is that I like being able to ask several people to comment on something I’ve written (with each of them having their own comment color) more than the Word way of having copy “edited over.” And frankly, I’ve always thought the tracking feature of Word is worse than an editor’s red pen all over a page. I greatly prefer the wiki-like version tracking method of Google Docs (just click on the time of the last edit and you’ll see what I mean).

Today, I had a whole bunch of documents I wanted to share with several people and was just about to go through them one-by-one when I noticed a link at the top of the page that says, “Now you can share a folder.”

Here’s the Official Google Docs Blog post about the folder sharing feature. The blog post includes some great “human” language that I enjoy reading from a company:

“Shared folders work how you would expect them to.”

And sure enough, they do.

User hacks:

1. Set up a “drop box” folder for individuals or groups you share documents with often. Name the Folder something like “Rex Shared Docs – John” (feel free to use your own name and not mine, however). Share once with the other person or group. Then, you just drag and drop documents in that folder and IM the person to alert them.

2. Google docs now allows you to nest folders — organize away.