Sign up for my incredible, amazing and great Barcamp Nashville session about Wikis

On Saturday, if you are attending Barcamp Nashville, sign up for my session called Wiki 101: How to Use Wikis to Do Just About Everything, scheduled for 2:30 p.m. (Rejected titles included: “Wikis are way more cool than Twitter” and “Wkis & SEO: Your secret map to world domination.”)

How good will the session be? In the video on the right, Steve Jobs predicts it will be incredible, amazing and great. By attending it, you could learn such exciting things as:

*Why wikis could be the best model for your corporate website.
*Why a Wikipedia entry nearly always shows up on a Google search.
*Why wikis are a better way of covering breaking news than traditional news writing.
*Why wikis are better knowledge-management platforms that “knowledge-management” platforms.
*The secret life of a Wikipedia entry.
*How Wikipedia is #1 music site on the web.
*5 ways to create your own wiki.

On the other hand, if the people attending the session want to talk about something else, I’m up for that also. Heck, it’s a barcamp and you may want to talk about bars, or something.

I don’t know the exact time of my session, but I’m hoping it’s not 1 p.m., because I’m scheduled to get a haircut then. However, the session schedule

My session has been scheduled for 2:30. See the Barcamp Nashville session page for a complete list of sessions and times.

Did I mention it’s going to be incredible, amazing and great? Barcamp, that is.

Oh, and the wiki session even has a Twitter tag: #bcn09wikis.