Record-breaking badness


In the early days of this blog, I wrote a lot about my NFL home team, the Tennessee Titans. Being a fan is part of who I am. And, frankly, it’s always been easy to be a fan of the Titans because even in their bad years, I comprehended why they were bad. Salary cap issues, I understood. Injuries, I understood. But even in the bad years, the decisions of Coach Jeff Fisher, while I didn’t always agree with him, I always respected.

That was before this year. And today. This year, I’m learning what it’s like to be a fan of an NFL team that has bad coaching, no team leadership and no soul. I’m learning what it’s like to be a fan of a team that sucks. And not just any sucking — but sucking of Titanic proportions.

The Titans are 0-6 and today received the worst beating in modern NFL history, losing 59-0 to the New England Patriots.

Without a doubt, it had to be the second-most humiliating game in the Titans-Oilers franchise history. The most humiliating award goes to the 1992 Oilers, who played in a game that will forever be called The Comeback, an AFC playoff game in which the Oilers were beating the Bills 35-3 in the third quarter, and lost 41-38. (I’ll remind Patriots fans that seven years later, the Bills had to experience the agony of defeat in another playoff game.)

Sure, today’s game was in the snow. And there were injuries. And whatever and whatever. But 59-0? In the NFL? This team is not only bad. It is breaking record in badness.

I will continue cheering for my home team. I will continue to be a fan. I will still wear my blue and keep believing. I will still go to the games, even if I’m the only one sitting in my section. But it sure would be nice to have players and coaches who seemed willing to try something, anything to not embarrass themselves.

(One sidenote of dubious note: At least they were wearing a throw-back Oilers jersey today, and not a Titans uniform. Someday in the distant future, when they are showing highlights of the worst teams ever in the NFL, this year’s Titans will appear to be the Oilers.)

Bonus link 1: The Tennessean’s David Climer – Suddenly, Fisher’s on hot seat.

Bonus link 2: Mike Florio of NBC Sports’ ProFootball Talk, says it all:

“The Tennessee Titans had been called the best 0-2 team in league history. 
And the best 0-3 team in league history.
And the best 0-4 team in league history. 
And the best 0-5 team in league history.
They’re now simply a crappy 0-6 team that has by all appearances given up after an embarrassing 59-0 whitewashing on the white field at Foxborough.”