An important lesson in business success: Use your product


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TechCrunch posted a Q&A transcript in which Twitter founder Biz Stone said the following:

Q: What was the original motivation behind Twitter?

Biz: We should start with Odeo. We were working at Odeo, we weren’t as passionate about the podcasting service as we should have been. We weren’t using it, and that was a problem. Twitter got started because Ev gave us some freedom to think along different lines.

In one of my occasional posts called, “Thoughts on Twitter“, I wrote an essay called “If the creators of Twitter don’t always get Twitter, why should you?” In it, I wrote the following:

“They simply set up (Twitter). And this time, they actually started playing around with it themselves. Unlike their apparent disinterest in podcasting (with Odeo), they seemed to enjoy tweeting.”

As an observer of (and participant in) a constant flow of business startups, product launches, marketing efforts, etc., I have discovered something that’s a universal truth:

1. If you aren’t actually passionate — on a personal level — about your product (or new feature, new marketing program, new blog you’ve launched), it will fail.

In a later post, I’ll explain why such failure is probably a good thing, but in the mean time, read that earlier post post about the creators of Twitter not getting Twitter.


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