The Last Days of Gourmet

When I started blogging almost ten years ago, I decided that I would not blog about the transactions of the magazine world: the buying, selling, launching, closing, hiring, firing stuff. Those things are what trade (business-to-business) publications and news websites focus on and I don’t really want to play the role of “reporter” here. (Self-appointed pundit is more fun.)

However, I have made some exceptions to that rule. If transactions involve friends or someone who is especially newsworthy, or if the launch or closure involves a publication that reporters start pulling out the adjective venerable to describe. (In journalism school, they must teach that there are no other adjectives to describe magazines that have lasted a long time.)

So I decided to point to an “insta-blog” in which Kevin Demara captures “the final days of the venerable magazine Gormet because it reminded me that while (as I’ve siad) magazines open and magazines close, magazines are also people.