Content marketing vs. a Superbowl ad


I’ve posted a couple of items on the Hammorati Blog at One suggests worthwhile content marketing efforts a marketer should spend $3 million on (and still have more than $2 million left over) before buying a Superbowl ad next February. The other contemplates why marketers may not feel drawn to the blocking and tackling of carrying out a content marketing strategy, and so they resort to throwing hail-Mary passes with Superbowl ads.

Update: My friend, Joe Pulizzi of the blog and content marketing “matching” service Junta42 just pinged me to say how pleased he is that I’m finally using the term “content marketing.” He recalls my rant against the phrase a couple of years ago. However, as I said then, I’m a marketer, and if people want to call what my company does “content marketing,” then who am I to tell those plugging terms into Google that they’re wrong? Bottomline: Hammock helps marketers create and manage a wide array of media (and content) that enables them to find and have deeper relationships with their customers. And as I said back on the post from 2008, call us whatever you want, just call.