Want to read a magazine on a future pad computer mobile device? There’s a app for that

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

Just catching up with this Berg Design and Bonnier R&D Beta Lab concept video that shows what experiencing content in a “magazine metaphor” interface on a pad mobile device could be like. Like many others, I love this video. But to me, it’s merely a wonderfully produced video of what I’ve tried to use too many words to explain over the past few years. When a device becomes available that’s like a large format iPod Touch or iPhone (a “pad” device” is what I’m calling them), content will be displayed in the way we today call “apps.” The web browser has defined our use of the computer screen, keyboard and mouse to interact with content during the past 20 years of the “computer web.” The “app” will define our access and use of these these future devices and the mobile web.

This concept, along with the Sports Illustrated concept video, and Wired’s, are helping to redefine the perception by people of what “a magazine” can be on a new touch-pad, web-enabled device.

As I was saying to a reporter this morning, I love the technology and look forward to developing content for such devices. I’m less confident that large publishers can figure out the business model for “making money” using these devices, than I am for the devices.

But again, the concepts are little more to me than concept apps for displaying content — which is more about usability and interface design, than technology. And, as I see these apps living on a device that has 100,000 other apps for doing everything else one wants to do, “reading” magazines is a tiny slice of what will impress me about the devices.

That said, this is, nonetheless, an excellent concept of what a magazine-metaphor app could be like on a device like the mythological Apple iPad.