2010 resolutions, predictions, etc.


1. I resolve not to be surprised by anything done by any male who a former bikini model or “super model” would marry.

2. I resolve not to blog about why I no longer blog as much as I used to.

3. I resolve to blog more, except not necessarily on this blog. And it won’t necessarily be called blogging.

4. I resolve to write far too much about why wikis are to the “2000-teens” what blogging was to the “2000s.”

5. I resolve to finally get around to explaining why, when you search for anything via Google, at least one of the first-page results is content found on a well organized and managed wiki (i.e., not a wiki that is mis-managed — or un-managed — or one that has been taken over by spammers).

6. I resolve to write only one more blog post that tracks the four-year history of my blogging about the “rumored” and mythological iSlate, iPad, iPod TouchBook, etc.


1. You will get sick-and-tired of hearing the phrase “augmented reality.”

2. Foursquare is not going to be “the next Twitter.”

3. “The next Twitter” is going to be wikis (or, perhaps that should be “the next twitter are going to be wikis).

4. Actually, the next Twitter is going to be Twitter.

5. The people who notice will hate the next re-design of Facebook. And the one after that, also.

6. Content will be king. And by content, I mean, “anything on the Internet.”

7. The Tennessee Titans will go 11-5, get a wild card slot in the playoffs and will make it to the Superbowl where they will beat the Dallas Cowboys.

8. South by Southwest will get so big, there will be two spill-over rooms for every keynote.

9. Recession? What recession?

Happy New Year! Thank god the 2000s are over.