Why you need to “get” QR code

N Building from Alexander Reeder on Vimeo.

In the U.S., we are just getting around to realizing that QR code can turn iPhones and whatever comes iNext into devices that tie together the physical world to the virtual world. I know I used to think QR Code was nothing more than a re-tread of the ridiculously conceived CueCat.

When I started using an iPhone, I started re-thinking the ways that print can be bridged into web content via QR Code. Then I started thinking about QR codes on clothes and all sorts of products. However, I must admit, it was not until I started looking into how the Japanese have, over the past decade, used QR Code, that I realized how someone there could be inspired to have the idea for the building above.


(Using a mobile device app pointed at the building)…”Our proposed vision of the future is one where the facade of the building disappears, showing those inside who want to be seen. As you press on the characters their comments made on online appear in speech bubbles. You can also browse shop information, make reservations and download coupons. Rather than broadly tagging, we display information specific to the building in a manner in which the virtual (iPhone) serves to enhance the physical (N Building). Our goal is to provide an incentive to visit the space and a virtual connection to space without necessarily being present.

Welcome to the future.

(via: resourceshelf.com)