Quick thoughts on the iPad before being influenced by the crowd

I’ve been snowed under since “the announcement.”

Here are some quick thoughts before I read what others have written:

1. No where in the marketing materials or presentation (except for a slide with a quote from Walt Mossberg) are the words “slate” or “tablet” used. As I have predicted before, Apple created a new category of device that will be called “pad” media. This is not a tablet — not to be compared with a tablet, they’ll argue.

2. Why the iPad is the best name? It drafts off billions of dollars of brand investment in the iPod. And it describes the physical nature of the device.

3. As predicted, there is, among the geekiratti, the tendency to focus on what it “doesn’t” have. That’s great. Apple can hold the iPad up and say, “this is what the product is” and others can focus on what it doesn’t have. For example, I wanted a camera for video conferencing. I’ll have to wait for another year or so for that.

4. It’s pretty amazing to me how close the device is to the, frankly, made up stuff I used to envision the product to be.

5. Why did Jason Calicanus so blatantly lie on Twitter last night — and why did the Wall Street Journal pick up his tweets and treat them like fact.

6. Only losers will use the keyboard dock.