Are you working on an iPad app that can help content marketers – I’ll be happy to help

My “job” has changed radically over the past few years, so I understand why people have no idea what I do.

The company I started 20 years ago, now called Hammock Inc., is in the business of developing and managing different types of content and custom media for marketers who are trying to achieve specific objectives. (Objectives being a buzzword that means something you can actually measure, not something that’s important- and lofty-sounding but has no yardstick — those are called goals. We’re into yardstick stuff.)

So, yes, when publishing a magazine (what lots of people think is all we do) helps a client meet a specific objective, we do that.

But today, the objectives we work on are more like, “improving organic search results by X%,” lead generation and things having to do with stuff like “bounce-rates.”

I explain all that to say this:

If you have a great new way to help me assist clients reach customers by creating and deploying and distributing content that matters to their customers, I’m always eager to hear about it.

For example, a friend of mine asked if I would look at an iPad app he is developing. Sure, I said. One look at it and I thought of five different ways the idea could be a great early-stage iPad app a marketer would love to experiment with.

So that made me think: There must be several people out there working on ideas that would help inspire other ideas that do those things I believe are going to replace advertising in the coming years: Content (a very broad term) provided to customers in ways that customers find appealing and helpful and beneficial — and never intrusive.

So send them to me.

I promise this: I won’t blog about them until you’re ready for me to. I won’t “steal” your ideas — although I can assure you, lots of people are having “similar” ideas to yours — it’s not the idea but your execution that’s going to make it a success. (For example, any app that’s another version of reading an eBook is not exactly defensible, so it better be executed in a way that is unique to you and compelling to users.)

Don’t know where this will lead, but one never knows.