It’s was just a game

drew brees

It’s just a game. The Superbowl.

The game is just a game — it’s between two teams of players, not the millions of us who sit in the stands and watch on TV.

We’re just fans and we’re just talk.

But every once in a while, the narrative — and the allegory — make the game more than just that battle out on the field.

This year, the game was all about the team carrying on their shoulders the hopes and dreams of the people of post-Katrina New Orleans.

And, well, in the process, for the rest of us who have known loss.

Those of us who have ever faced the long climb back up from getting drowned by our worst fears. We, too, knew this was our narrative, also.

We, too, wanted the Saints to win.

And they did.

It’s was just a game.

And Christmas is just another day of the year.