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On Hammorati, the Hammock Inc. Blog, there’s a post about the Custom Publishing Council changing its name to the Custom Content Council. As one of the people who help form the organization 11 years ago, I concur with the decision. Despite my personal problems with the word “content,” I’ve given up on fighting the fight against a term that clients are seeking to procure from me. If you want content, I’ve got as much as you need — and it’s not the plain stuff — it’s the highest quality. Award winning, even.

So Hammock Inc. is happy to be one of the founders of the leading “content marketing” association in the galaxy.

(Speaking of which: Here’s a pitch. If you’re a marketer in need of content to help you meet a specific business objective, my colleagues will amaze you with their ability to source, create, syndicate and measure the effectiveness of everything from tweets to, well, whatever content and content channel someone will dream up tomorrow.) Email me: rexhammock@gmail.com. )

Later: Background on my rant against the word “content”: I explained why I didn’t like the term in 2008, but even then could see the content being written on the wall. Changing our name from Hammock Publishing to Hammock Inc. was also a realization that while I think we are writers and creators, when it comes to business, if the customer wants to call it content — they need to know they can find it here. And to make it official, thanks to my friend Joe Pulizzi of Junta42, I can even say this blog is ranked as the 11th best content marketing blog in the whole content marketing blogosphere. (Which doesn’t win me a place on the podium, but I’m happy with the personal best.)