Hire us, we can help you kick their ass


I feel the need for bluntness.

Over the past several months, I’ve been in many conversations with potential clients about ways in which the content marketing company called Hammock can help find, create and syndicate content that will improve their lead generation efforts, improve their customer service, support their organic search and (without me actually saying it, turn their pretty yet boring websites into something people might find helpful and worth bookmarking).

As many of these marketers are in a particular market I’m extremely familiar with, they bring up the name of a giant brand they all seem to believe dominates the category online.

I’ve tried to be diplomatic in explaining why they are over-reacting to the “strategy” of this particular brand, but the fear and concern is so pervasive that I’m beginning to believe the brand’s strategy is actually very successful — not in reaching customers, but in striking fear in the competition who seem frozen in their ability to respond. It’s like, “We can’t do what they’re doing, so why try?”

So I’ve stopped being diplomatic and general in my description of the brand’s strategy. I’ve gotten rather specific in explaining why and where this giant brand is vulnerable. But still, other marketers in the category seem to believe customers are actually swayed by the giant brand’s approach.

So here’s what I want to say: Hire us and we can help you kick their ass.

But I feel certain something about that approach tends to scare off potential clients.

I wonder why.

(Answer to the obvious question: Why don’t I try to work for the dominant brand? Kicking their ass would be so much more fun.)

Later: I really mean it: “Hire us.” Here’s my email address: rexhammock@gmail.com. Operators are standing by.