Can’t our brains just all get along

brain parts

On today’s Morning Edition on NPR, there are a couple of stories about brain development that are worth reading/listening to (which, by the way, is great — the ability to listen to, or read, content found on a website).

If you have a teenager (especially one of the male persuasion) this piece by Richard Knox called, “The Teen Brain: It’s Just Not Grown Up Yet,” may help explain something you already know intuitively — your son is nuts (and if mine is reading this, you know I’m going for the cheap laugh). Okay, it doesn’t say your teen is nuts, it explains how, “nerve cells that connect teenagers’ frontal lobes with the rest of their brains are sluggish.”

If you’re old enough to have a teenager — better yet, to have survived that journey — you’ll be interested in this piece by Michelle Trudeau called, “The Aging Brain Is Less Quick, But More Shrewd.” I had a point I was going to make about that piece, but I forgot what it was.

In the part of the internet where I live, there is an on-going debate-discussion-conversation about such things as age and location as it relates to entrepreneurship and innovation.

I’m beginning to believe there is growing body of evidence to prove a belief of mine that great ideas occur when you pull together curious, passionate people who are different ages, from different places and have differing points of view — but who care more about learning from each other than convincing each other they’re wrong.