Thanks, Gabe, there goes another chunk of my day

mediagazer logo

Gabe Rivera, the creator of the tech-news tracking service Techmeme, has launched another channel on his platform of human-influenced, news-trend sniffing algorithms.

To technology, politics (Memorandum), celebrity gossip (WeSmirch) and baseball (BallBug), Gabe has now added a meme-tracking service that follows the business of media called MediaGazer.

As much as I’m a fan of Techmeme and use it as an on-going glimpse into news that is generating lots of technosphereic buzz, I wish Gabe had headed next in a direction other than media. Why? Because, unlike politics, celebrity gossip and baseball, I actually have a dog in the MediaGazer hunt.

Thanks, Gabe. I now have to figure out where I’m going to find more time in the day.

And congratulations.