The coolest iThing I have

[Also a set on Flickr.]

Last night, my friends Barbara and Fielding Logan attended The Birdhouse Thing, an annual fundraising event to support Nashville’s wonderful W. O. Smith Community Music School. The Birdhouse thing features an auction of 150 birdhouses designed by local artists, architects and public figures.

Barbara and Fielding were the high bidder for the “iNest,” the incredibly witty work you see below by graphic designer Rob Williams.

Knowing of my long-running record of being addicted to having the first iThing, Fielding and Barbara have made the the proud owner of the one and only iNest. (While it’s a fully-functional birdhouse, its “chalkboard” feature is how I’ll use it.

Note the little “Steve Jobs” bird. This is way-cooler than the iPad.

front of the iNest bird house