See you soon, Adam

Despite the rather amazing record we’ve enjoyed at Hammock for maintaining long relationships with clients, I know what it’s like to lose big clients. I know the necessary, but always painful, process of laying off employees who are not only extremely talented, but who are close friends.

So I understand the need of SouthComm Inc., a local media company in Nashville that is run by people I know personally and for whom I have a great deal of respect, to respond accordingly to the loss of a major advertiser.

That said, as a reader of Nashville blogs, I’m sharing some of the sense of loss being expressed by Joe Lance and many others that one of the people laid off yesterday was A.C. (Adam) Kleinheider, who, despite what I wrote yesterday, mastered the art of real-time content curation years before others even knew what was (is) taking place.

For years, Adam has been my go-to guy for tracking anything related to Tennessee politics. The topic is important to me, but not of interest to me. So I have depended on Adam to serve as my personal editor on the topic.

In an era of information overload, I depend on talented individuals like Adam to be my gatekeepers.

The spot where Adam practiced his craft is being managed now by others. I’m sure they will do a fine job.

But knowing my past pattern, I feel certain I’ll adjust Google Reader to follow the feed coming from wherever Adam ends up.

The blogosphere is like that.