End of the pre-iPad era


Apparently, I was the first person to leave the Nashville Apple store with a new iPad this morning.

Since it was officially announced in January, I’ve tried hard to avoid blogging about the iPad. (However, I haven’t displayed such restraint on Twitter.) Frankly, I’ve been burned out on iPad blogging since writing a speculative guessay last March. I was wrong on my timing — I predicted it would be announced last May — but the device, including price, is pretty close to what I predicted.

Regular readers know that since 2006, I’ve written dozens of posts about a speculative device that is now the iPad. It was in 2006 when I started using the term “”Rumor #3” as shorthand for the prediction of “a device that is sort of like an 8?x10? iPod that does everything a computer does but it won’t be called a tablet computer or an iPod.” The following year, in 2007, I wrote a rather long piece when the Kindle was announced, saying, “What I’d rather have than an eBook reader is an “iPod Touchbook.” It was at that point that I did a mock-up of what I thought the device would look like. (Eventhough I hadn’t seen it at that point, I would later marvel that Chris Messina had already nailed the device, and he even guessed its name would be the “iPad Touch.”

Now that the iPad is here, I’ll be posting a lot with it, but probably not writing much about it. It’s like I said last night on Twitter, “One of the downsides of spending time pondering the future is that by the time it arrives, you’re bored with it.”

I can tell you this already: I won’t get bored with the iPad anytime soon.

But I am extremely tired of talking about it.

(Later: See the next post. You knew I couldn’t not stop talking about it completely.)