Thank you, friends. Here’s how to support Nashville flood relief efforts

Thank you to the many friends from across the country and “around the web” who have reached out to me in the past 24 hours regarding the Nashville flood. (The flooding started Saturday, but major media coverage didn’t kick in until Tuesday, making this the first disaster to be Tivo’d by national media outlets.)

Many people have asked where they should contribute. My friends at the website are constantly updating a comprehensive list of local organizations that are responding to the massive and widespread needs. If you know of others, visit that page and add them to the comments over there. Additionally, there are some efforts I’m calling “open source get-er-done” activities by the Nashville tech and social media communities that I’ll be pointing to later.

I (and Hammock Inc.) have have long supported two local organizations that we will continue to support in this disaster: The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (for cash contributions) and Hands on Nashville (for volunteer involvement).

Both organizations have the infrastructure, flexibility and scale to coordinate and distribute funds and volunteers in response to the widest possibility of needs. They both are set up to funnel resources to other organizations.

Again, there are many, many worthy groups and if you have a relationship with them, please support them.