How to fix the annoying way your iPad drops the wifi signal of a Sprint Overdrive

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Thank you, James Kendrick of jkOnTheRun for posting the fix for an annoying problem I’ve had with my iPad when trying to use it with with a recently acquired Sprint Overdrive, a “mobile wifi” device. I italicize trying because the dropped wifi signal was occurring so often, it made accessing the web with the iPad annoying.

I had heard there are problems with the iPad dropping wifi signals but had not experienced that myself. And I knew the problem wasn’t with the Overdrive as I was getting perfect reception and flawless usage with my MacBook Pro and iPhone.

So, I used the Google and it helped me find Kendrick’s simple fix to the same problem:

“I determined that the Sprint Overdrive was using 64-bit WEP encryption for security on the Wi-Fi network connection. The iPad can handle this fine, but it was different than the newer (and better) WPA2 encryption used on all the other networks I use that had no problem reconnecting with the iPad. I changed the Sprint Overdrive settings to WPA2, and the reconnect issue disappeared. Apparently the iPad was failing to reconnect properly over the WEP encryption, but it has no problem with WPA2.

That was great, except I had no idea how to change the Sprint Overdrive settings.

Fortunately, the Google led me to Layne Heiny’s post that includes a couple of screen shots and an explanation of how to do that.

So, if you have the same problem, give it a try. And then thank James, Layne and the Google.

Sidebar mini-review on the Sprint Overdrive: It works great (thanks to James and Layne) and I’m beginning to pick up a 4G signal in Nashville. (But oddly, I never did in Manhattan last week.) With 4G, it seems as fast as my wireless at home. Downsides: Battery life sucks (3 hours), so plan accordingly and always have a power cord. Also, don’t “slip it in your pocket” and try to use it as your leg will develop blisters from the heat the device generates. I keep it in the satchel my off-spring call my “man purse.”