Google Adwords launches content marketing B-to-B effort aimed at advertising community

While the Google Adwords marketing team did not label it “content marketing” in announcing it, their new advertising industry news aggregation service called “Ad News” is a great example of what content marketing is all about: Marketing directly to your customer, by-passing any third-party media, by providing content that is compelling and engaging and that helps them do their jobs, or that serves their passions.

Take note marketers of consumer and business products and services.

Take note business-to-business publishers and media companies — especially those of you in the advertising and marketing space.

Learn from this whatever you want, but take note.

As for me, I’m impressed — because developing ideas like this for clients is what Hammock Inc. does every day, so I’m pre-conditioned not to be impressed by anything done by others.

I’m impressed because it’s such a simple idea that is a hack (in the positive usage of that term) of an existing product. I love simple ideas that use APIs and open source approaches, and don’t require lots of developers.

I’m also impressed, because I can look at it and immediately see how it could be replicated in other verticals or topic-areas rather easily.

And I especially like the subtle yet action-oriented promotional approach Google is taking in this effort aimed at developing a service for its primary customer base: Advertisers and marketers.

There are only three simple links at the bottom of the navigation field, subtly placed without any “sponsored by” designation: One to the Official Google Blog’s “Ad News” category. One to the Inside AdWords Blog’s “New Features & Announcement Blog.” And one to a list of links contained in a feed of “Google advertising innovations.”

Notice how, when you click on any of those, an action button appears that suggests: “Add the Ad Innovations feed to you Google Reader.” What you are doing there is subscribing to a feed of advertising messages that you will never consider advertising. Why? Because if something informs and educates you in a way you believe helps you do your job better or stay informed on a topic of interest, you’ll never consider it advertising. That is called “the thing formerly known as advertising” my some (including me).

Helping companies achieve something like this is goal of people who do what I do.

And I’m impressed.