The Amazon Kindle App – Could it be the magazine app you’re looking for?

In the coming days, I’ll be writing a lot about iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) apps.

However, I wanted to jump ahead of myself by pointing to this news release from about the new version of the Kindle App that enables embedded audio and video to eBooks.

Last week, Om Malik wrote an opinion piece regarding his belief that the Kindle will win the eBook wars. When you read the headline of that piece: “Why Amazon’s Kindle Will Eventually Win the e-Book Wars,” without reading what he says, your first reaction may be to bristle and say, “No way, the Kindle reader is a one-trick pony compared to the iPad that’s, uh, Harry Houdini.” (Sorry, best metaphor I could come up with so early in the a.m.)

But Om’s post isn’t about the Kindle hardware. Like me, Om is a big believer in Kindle’s platform, channel and software, independent of the Kindle e-reader device. (While the device is not for me, I’ll gladly concede that some folks love it — and I’m happy they do.)

I have loved the Kindle app since the day Amazon announced its availability for the iPhone Kindle.

And, in coming days, I’ll be writing about how I’ve come to love it more and more, with each book I’ve purchased and read via it. (However, I don’t like the “agency pricing model” publishers have forced upon Amazon.)

Also, in the coming days, I’ll be writing about something the iPad has taught me about “user experience” that has blown up any preconceived expectations I originally had about what a “magazine app” should be. I will be writing about what I believe is one potential “killer” aspect of “magazine apps” and where I believe so many of the first generation magazine apps have totally mis-judged the opportunities provided by a new generation of pad/app devices and software.

But Amazon’s announcement about the enhancements of the Kindle iPhone/iPad app provides a hint of what I’m going to write about that I believe has gone most under-appreciated by the “media and content” industrial complex: Magazine apps don’t need to be apps. Magazine companies have great content — only a fraction of which gets into “the magazine.” “Replicating” a printed magazine may not be the only — or even best — opportunity to serve those passionate about your content. And creating something that can only be sold in the Apple apps store may not be the best business model.

There will be many, many channels through which to sell (or distribute free) content that will be read, watched and listened-to on the iPad.

In the end, Amazon will offer one of the best ways to purchase (and sell) such content.

More, much more, later.