Bing’s very, very “un-banner” ad

bing ad

I’m in the “there’s gotta be a better format” school when it comes to website advertising. And by “better,” I mean, anything’s better than “the banner ad.”

This morning, I saw (see on right) a very “less is more” approach to brand advertising from some company that has launched a search engine called, “Bang” or “Bing” or something. (Please, that’s a joke.)

Anyway, as you can see from screen grab, the “banner” is just that little person’s head peeking up from the bottom of the page. Click it, and a video fills the screen that demo’s all the cool types of searches Bing allows one to do in the course of a day — in this case, a day spent by Richard with his daughter, Lily.

Generally, I think a marketer can find a better ROI for their online advertising budget than “banner advertising.” But, I’ll admit, I feel that way because most banner advertising looks as pathetic as those car ads also seen on the screen grab.

If more banner advertising was as compelling as My Perfect Day with Lily, I’d probably be a much bigger fan.