The birth of the deja-app

colors app

Way, way back in 2003 on this blog, I started using the term Dejazine to describe defunct print magazines that, at the time, were being resurrected as websites.

So, when I saw the news that the defunct Benneton customer magazine, Colors, has come back to life (yet again) as an iPad App, I decided it was also time to bring “dejazine” back to life as “deja-app.”)

But unlike the website dejazine, the iPad version is something I find promising — and not for the reasons most early magazine apps have implied are what magazine apps should be. (My thoughts on the future of magazine apps are for a long-promised series of future posts.)

I’m hoping — indeed boosting — this is a trend: The iPad come-back of formerly thriving and popular print magazines that collapsed under their owner’s heavy overhead or mis-directed strategy.

Or even better, the customer magazines that were once very popular and effective, but that got axed because some new marketing director (who inevitably got fired six months later) wanted to “head in another direction” by killing the magazine and building an island on Second Life, now have a chance to be resurrected on the iPad and other “slate” devices.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me all verklempt.

[The following is as close as this blog ever gets to solicitation.]

I sure hope so, as that’s something Hammock Inc. is ready to help our clients accomplish.

In fact, if you own the rights and archives to a formerly thriving magazine — say, a corporate-owned magazine your customers used to love but some former employee whose name you can’t remember killed it — email me at

Let’s Lazarus it.

Later: Thanks (several people) for reminding me that Gourmet is a “deja-app” now also.