Yahoo! direct mail un-tubing

A few months ago, I shared how Google used “good old fashioned” paper-based direct-mail advertising delivered via the U.S. Postal Service in its “marketing mix.” Yes, Google, the web-advertising juggernaut actually uses “non-internet” advertising approaches to build its brand and help sell its services. (And, unlike some people believe, they also have a huge army of sales people.)

That post was written when Google ran its first Superbowl ad (quick, you remember that ad, don’t you?) and to augment the comprehensive retrospective of Google’s past use of traditional advertising written by Danny Sullivan. The point, of course: Great marketers like Google don’t limit themselves to one form of media or one channel.

Since I posted those earlier Google direct mailings, I thought I should also take some photos (with my iPhone 4 for those who care about such details) of a mailing our company received yesterday from Yahoo! promoting its advertising solutions for businesses.

As with Google’s efforts, this isn’t a review. I don’t think either company changed any behavior on our part.