How to tell if the Apple TV Deux Over is still just a hobby

Two years ago, I wrote the following about the Apple TV:

“I don’t believe the problem with the Apple TV is about technology. It’s a (you can’t believe how amazed I am to be writing the next few words) failure by Apple to successfully market a product.”

In that post, I suggested that the first generation (or, “the Hobby Model”) Apple TV failed to catch on because Apple did not support it with the typical advertising juggernaut the company uses to push out products.

A lot has been written today about the new Apple TV and if it now has the correct mix of features and the right business model.

I’ll judge if it’s a serious effort by Apple if, during NFL football games, I see ads for the Apple TV mixed in with the ubiquitous spots for the iPad. And it will help if they’re not a lame as that ad from three years ago.

(P.S. I own a first generation Apple TV which means I am even more reluctant to believe in the Apple TV do-over.)