The truth about Jason Hiner: He’s only good for two things

[Note & correction: As humor is not something tech-people always grasp, please note that the headline is not an attack on Jason. As I say in the next sentence, I feel Jason is a wonderful human being. The headline, however, is a direct reference to the headline of a blog post he wrote: “The truth about iPad: It’s only good for two things.” I’d also like to note that on Twitter, Jason has reminded me that we have, indeed, met. I now recall that meeting and stand corrected.]

I don’t know Jason Hiner. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. And to be honest, my headline is a lie: he’s probably good for lots more than two things.

But since Jason wrote a link-baiting post on the website TechRepublic, where he’s editor in chief, and titled it, “The truth about iPad: It’s only good for two things,” I thought I should reply in-kind.

If the headline had included the caveat “For me” at the beginning or end, it would be fine. But Jason took on the role of speaking for the world (including me) when he wrote several hundred words repeating the paint-by-numbers clichés: #1: It’s good for reading or viewing (consumption) but merely adequate for typing (creating); #2: Its multi-touch function screen is great for games and has the potential for being better in later versions.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of using the iPad for typing. I agree with Jason on that. And, frankly, I use my laptop whenever possible because so much of my work-flow is based on processes that make use of desktop software, the keyboard and the Wacom pen tablet I use constantly.

But for Jason (or me) to base a proclamation of all the iPad is “good for” on how we use it is lunacy.

And besides, Jason needs to get out more.

He needs to understand that “typing” is not the only way people interact with computing devices or create. Some folks use the iPad to paint or, when they’re not using the iPad to help them play music, they are using it to DJ (maybe he should download this app and try it himself). He might even want to check out this blog devoted to hundreds of ways the iPad is being in the health care field, which, I guess could be all boiled down to “just two things,” by Jason.

The truth is, the last place you want to hear what the iPad is “good for” is a technology website. The writers there just don’t seem to understand what happens when you put something like the iPad in the hands of someone other than geeks.