Links for 2010-11-08 (Day #2 – Link Post Rexperiment)


This post marks Day 2 of my “re-experiment” (or, rexperiment) with a daily post of links. I’m saying “re-experiment” because, after years of doing these, I stopped back in January when I found my “bookmarking” methods were changing in ways that, while helping me organize them better for myself, didn’t support the “daily post” routine (at least, didn’t in a non-geekish, intuitive, simple way.)

As this is a public experiment, I’ve decided to add notes to explain, to the 2-3 people who read this and care about this stuff, what I’m trying out.

I’m starting out by dusting off my old way of doing this: by using the Yahoo! service, as, well, hmm, let’s call it a “hosted bookmark management system,” or BMS, as I’m using it as a very narrow and single-feature content management system in the way is a very broad and full-feature hosted one.

I’m starting out this exercise (rexercise?) with Delicious because I have years of experience with it, and, for another site,, I use the account, to easily manage (using a simple hack of the RSS feed Delicious generates) the updates of a front-page headline service (I call it newswire) and this page that displays, by category (tag), all the headlines I “curate.”

However, I’m growing frustrated with Delicious and am discovering that for this blog, I’d like to pull in links I run-across in a slightly different “work flow” (a term I use way too much around the office, these days) than the more deliberate way in which I manage the small business news process.

Again, for the 2-3 people who care, I’ll continue to add notes to these link posts over the coming days to explain more how my quest for “the perfect bookmark daily blog post tool” is progressing, as I try new ways beyond the Delicious, only, method.

When complete, I’ll merge the notes into a concise post explaining what I’ve tried to do and the different approaches I’ve taken.

If you have experience with a “perfect” solution and would like to suggest it, please add it as a comment, or email me: