RexLinks 11.16.10: Jim Henson, Copy-Right & Wrong, Get off My Lawn

RexLinks are items I’ve bookmarked to share using Google Reader during the past 24 hours:

  • Jim Henson’s Time Piece [1965] – I can’t believe I’ve never seen this puppet-less short that received an Oscar nomination. Thanks, YouTube.
  • Geeks and Tweaks: What Computer Programming Contests Can Teach Us About Innovation | – Key quote: “We should consider changing copyright to make it more like patent. If you improve my novel — say, by reworking it into an appealing screenplay — then you should be able to publish what you’ve done, so long as your changes are substantial. But I should also get paid for what I’ve contributed. In short, we should have a system where the Tweaker’s work also benefits the Pioneer.”
  • Internet bloggers’ uncrafted output completely self-serving | – Confession: It makes me nostalgic for 2004 when I read such a rant as this, from a Vandy profess of philosophy, against blogs. The more he rants, the more I want to give him a hug, pat him on the back, and say: “You know this is going to end up being posted on the Tennessean’s Reader Opinion Blog, don’t you?” My favorite line from it is this, “Mun­dane expe­ri­ences, inco­her­ent reflec­tions and igno­rant the­o­ries can be adver­tised to the world.” Yes, that about sums up my blog.