Saturday morning RexLinks: Tiny Bubbles?

[RexLinks are items I run-across, and bookmark, using Google Reader]

If you’ve been following my RexLinks experiment, you perhaps have noticed I’m not posting them automatically. Rather, I’m choosing to wait until I can add a little bit of context and commentary (no, wait, let’s call it “curation”) to them. If you just can’t wait until these posts to see what I’m book-marketing, you can subscribe to this RSS feed to get them as I run across them. (Geek note: The page URL is an RSS feed, the page has a link to an Atom feed, also).

Today, I start with a couple of links about Tumblr, the service I have used for about three years to host Tumblr can best be described this way. If you were at some fancy restaurant, a blog is anything on the menu. Tumblr is what a vegetarian orders. Twitter is for vegans who enjoy parsley, lots and lots of parsley.