Black Friday Comparison RexLinks: Kayne Edition

Since that whole Taylor Swift incident revealed to the rest of us (anyone who is not under the age 30 or is not a fan of his) just how bizarre Kayne West is, I thought his album released this week would be a good comparison for Black Friday sales. Here are some comparison links:

  • – The $3.99 Amazon MP3 download (lowest price, by far) is curious: First, how is an MP3 download a gift item? However, as this is more an incentive price that requires you to purchase other items, I guess it ties into the whole Black Friday "buy stuff" ecosystem. (But I thought Cyber Monday was the official internet ecommerce “celebration” day.) Speaking of Kanye: How weird was it for him to appear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade? Answer: Very. Really!
  • – $9.99 for the physical CD (an actual "gifting" product), includes free shipping. Best Buy, despite being $6 more than's promotional price, may be a better "gift" approach, however does the person you would give it to actually not own it by Dec. 25?
  • iTunes Store – $14.99 buys you an additional 34 min video and no discounting. This is the link featured on the front website of the entertainer. Scrooge MacJobs.
  • – $11.88. Admission: This bookmark has nothing to do with Black Friday, however, I thought the “Safe” graphic being used on some websites (including this post) is quite interesting. And, frankly, the being available via is curious, as well. Walmart is Taylor Swift country and they have a reputation for dropping anything controversial.
  • – $7.99. A Walmart-like approach, but for $4 less.

Bottomline: I think when all is said and done, Taylor Swift will generate more overall sales of 2010 late-year releases. (Side observation: Keith Urban seems to be the hardest-working superstar on the promotional front this week.)