Doc Searls on the death of Gil Templeton

When I first met Doc Searls many years ago and he learned I was from Nashville, one of the first things he asked me was if I knew Gil Templeton. “I certainly know about Gil,” I said. I explained to Doc that I had met Gil and we had many mutual friends — but his fame for me came from the legend he left at an advertising agency where he worked, and where I would later spend a few years.

Doc Searls, for whom Gil worked in North Carolina, has written a wonderful tribute to Gil, who passed away over the weekend at his home in Nashville.

Many Nashvillians, especially veterans of the Nashville advertising and marketing community, knew Gil — or knew of his work on campaigns like Jim Varney’s “Vern” character.

Like those stories Doc shares from his days of working with Gil at a North Carolina ad agency, there will be many funny stories recounted about Gil in the coming days by those with whom he grew up and worked with in Nashville.