Thank you

While I’ve always considered this as much a personal as a business blog, I do realize that most people who read it have landed here randomly from a link that shows up on Google or Techmeme or more likely these days, Twitter.

So, when I write, as I did last Sunday, about something extremely personal like the death of my mother, I understand that it’s out of context for many people. As these blog posts are automatically cross-posted on my Facebook account, I similarly know that when I write about something that’s inside-geek-ball, it is of no interest to, say, an elementary school friend.

So to the many people who read this blog who I’ve never met, but who nevertheless, sent me emails or messages, I can’t thank you enough for your kind thoughts. They have been greatly appreciated.

Her funeral was yesterday. While, of course, a sad time for all of us who loved her, the life my mom lived during her 95 years, gave her funeral an air of celebration for the ways in which her life touched so many others in so many positive ways. And because she was so funny, there have been as many smiles and laughs as there have been tears during the past few days.

Again, thank you.

(Programming note: I’ll be back posting those geeky items next Monday.)