Rebooting the News – Who is Rex, Edition

This morning, I spent an hour chatting with Dave Winer on Rebooting the News the weekly podcast he typically records with NYU Professor Jay Rosen. To me, getting invited to spend an hour with Dave Winer on a podcast is like getting to spend an hour with Guglielmo Marconi on a radio show. (If I have to explain it, this 2009 RexBlog post may help connect the dots. Short version for my non-tech friends reading this: Dave is one of the founding pioneers of much of the technology and approaches we today call blogging, podcasting and social media.) (I would have mentioned RSS, but that was for my non-tech friends.)

You can listen to the Podcast here:

On the podcast, we discussed these topics:

Why Twitter, the service, is too vital for Twitter, a company, to control exclusively. [Background]

The New York Times rehash of the “death of blogging” story, a meme dating back to a week after people stopped writing the stories about “blogs are never going to be born.” Like Dave, I believe Facebook and Twitter are blogging platforms, so, well, I don’t get it. [A long post about my thoughts regarding online identity. NYTimes story: “Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter”]

Apple’s subscription plan and my outrage at their ban on in-app links to purchasing alternatives available via the browser. [Background on my opinion.]

Why I think magazine publishers are missing the mark on early generation magazine apps — and the real opportunity of the iPad. How the iPad (and Kindle) change notions of what is readable on a screen. [My reviews of The Daily app and Virgin’s Project app.]

My opinion on Wikileaks, which I have no link to point to, so, in short it’s this: I’m an advocate of transparency and openness and probably would, if push came to shove, be supportive of Wikileaks. That said, I prefer diplomacy over war and don’t want Wikileaks to be in charge of judging what the consequences of their actions are going to lead to.

Rating: Fairly geekish if you’re not a follower of developments in new media, magazines or are related to me.