My accidental Apple dongle collection

appledonglesI’ll confess: I buy lots of Apple computers. Not just for me, but for the people I work with. So, chances are, if it’s a notebook with an Apple logo attached, I’ve owned it. Because I use such computers for presenting ideas to lots of different people in lots of different places, I’ve become an accidental expert in Mac Dongleology. (The word dongle is a geekish term for what the rest of us call adapters/adaptors.) What you see in the photo that appears with this post is just a small fraction of the dongles we need to “be prepared.” I am convinced that Apple’s real business is selling dongles. That mythological industrial development team at Apple is noted for their obsession with ridding the world of buttons and keys and ports — but when it comes to dongles, it’s like Jony Ive gets a bonus for how many they sell. So every few months, they change the shape of plugs and ports and your drawer of dongles grows more chaotic.

Another observation about dongles (now that I mention drawer): They are similar to socks: they are manufactured in some magic way that causes them to disappear inexplicably. One last observation about dongles and Apple (who calls them adapters like “the rest of us.”) If you use Google to search (something you should always do) the word “adapter,” you will get over 600,000 results.

[Later: Via @bookofjoe: A search of alternative spelling, “adaptor” yields 400,000 results.]