9/11 Memorial, May 5, 2011

When I see TV coverage of something like the visit President Obama is making to the site where the 9/11 Memorial is under construction, the tight-shots on TV can cause me to lose my bearings. As my family includes a resident of the neighborhood (and, it is indeed a neighborhood), I spend lots of time within a few blocks of the WTC site. I also tell a lot of tourists where to get the best photos of the site (the pedestrian bridge that crosses West Street at Liberty Street).

The photo of the site below was made this morning, so I thought this might help those who are wondering how what they’re seeing on TV corresponds to the layout of the Memorial — an 8-acre park on the site where the two towers stood. The memorial will also include an interior museum that incorporates the waterfalls of the fountains you see.

The official 9/11 Memorial website has a gallery of renderings of what the park and memorial will look like when it is completed (the outside, memorial area will open this September) and the trees mature.

[View: From south-to-north / downtown-to-uptown]