links for 2011-05-06

  • Stolen Camera Finder – Uses serial number stored on photos to search web for photos taken w/ same camera. [Selected tweets from 5/6] 
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  • Take a photo of a leaf and it will provide name and details about the tree. Yes, I'm in awe. (Trees are filing privacy lawsuits, however.)
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  • I've mentioned before, but I wanted to include it as a link and test of the daily link post on Because of, I have discovered and read more great journalism (by saving it to Instapaper and reading it on my iPad) than I've read in years. Fortunately, contributors are finding great stories from years ago, when I overlooked it. I'll be blogging more about what a great — and important — combination of services and Instapaper have become.
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  • Quote: "We no longer have a leadership class — of the sort that existed as late as the Truman and Eisenhower administrations — that believes that governing means finding an equilibrium between different economic interests and a balance between political factions. Instead, we have the politics of solipsism. The political culture encourages politicians and activists to imagine that the country’s problems would be solved if other people’s interests and values magically disappeared."
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  • While this is a web-app, this is how magazines can "save" themselves — not just a brand extension, a content and service extension.
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  • Check out the feature that allows you to see the historic trend of your first name.
  • I ran across this quote via a tweet from Doc Searls. (I am continuing to experiment with the "new" I plan on bookmarking some of the things I post other places so that I can have a daily post on my blog of things I consider "best of." I apologize to those who will experience some redundancy — for example, people who read my blog via Facebook or Linkedin.)