No, you can’t contribute a guest post (unless you’ve at least read my blog)

First off, of the 8,357 posts that have appeared on this blog, I can recall only one guest post. I have nothing against guest posts. Indeed, last week, this guest post from Kathy Sierra on Hugh MacLeod’s blog reminded me of how much I wish she still blogged. So, if there’s someone who doesn’t have a blog who I think needs a platform to say something I endorse, I can’t think of a reason to be against the idea of guest posts.

However, the fact that only 1/8,357ths of the posts on this blog have been “guest posts,” every day from spamdexers living on the underbelly of the internet, I receive email that starts like this:

“I was hoping to contribute to your SEO blog. I’ve been reading it and I’ve really enjoyed a number of your recent posts.”

As I don’t have an SEO blog, when the emailer says, “a number of your recent posts,” he is obviously referring to the number Zero.

As my finely-tuned spam filtration system sends such email to spam hell before I see it, I had to visit spam hell to find that request that hit my inbox, well, 15 minutes ago. After opening it, I was curious who was behind the pitch, so via a few clicks, I discovered the source — and no, I won’t link to it. Fortunately, it was not a name brand, or I would.

I often receive email from PR people who, similarly, haven’t read my blog but who perhaps assume what I write about here is a topic I may write about elsewhere. They pitch me to write something about their client on RexBlog and, typically, say how much they think my readers will be interested in their topic that has nothing to do with anything I’ve written about here before.. I ignore such email as I consider it spam, also.

I don’t mind email from anyone, PR people included, that suggests a topic or product or link I may be interested in — if it displays an understanding of what I’m actually interested in, and write about.

However, the surest way to have me do what I have learned to do to send all such future email to spam hell, is to prove, in the first few words, you are clueless.