Content Marketing & Google+ for the non-obsessed but needs-to-know executive

google plus ebook

After receiving an unprecedented volume of questions regarding Google+ from clients and non-techie business executives, I was asked to write a blog post for that provided an overview of the service — “but not written for people who are geeks” (a direct quote). I asked for a list of questions and then, last weekend, spent a couple of hours answering them. “That’s too long for a blog post,” I was told.

So, that’s the origin of the 26-page eBrief (PDF) from Hammock Labs called, An Early Overview of Google+ as a Content Marketing Platform.

I didn’t write it for techies and social medians. It’s for people who sign checks made out to techies and social medians.

I hope you enjoy it. I’m sure it will be out of date by this afternoon.

Here are the subjects covered:

  • What is Google+? (And why that’s not the important question)
  • What can you do with Google+?
  • Who can use Google+?
  • How Google+ is like (and not like) Facebook
  • How Google+ is like (and not like) Twitter
  • How Google+ is like (and not like) LinkedIn
  • How will people have enough time to use all these social networking things?
  • How will I (or my company) have enough time to use all these social networking things?
  • The coolest “new, new” things about Google+
  • The early “missing” things about Google+
  • Predictions for Google+
  • Short-term recommendations for businesses and the people who run them
  • Conclusion: Our most confident prediction

That reminds me, you can find me on Google+ at the following “redirect” I created so that I could remember it: