Apple kills Kindle App’s link to, here’s what you can do to create your own

If you’re just now joining this on-going story (a tale from the farce genre), you may be wondering why such the big deal over Apple making Amazon remove from its Kindle App (iOS version) a link to the web-based Kindle store. I’m sorry, you’ll have to catch up on your own.*

But last night, the Kindle iPad App was “updated” and that link is now gone. (Advice: Don’t update it until it stops working.)

If Apple is going to force Amazon to take away that link, I thought I’d show you how to put an even better link — heck, several links — in an even better location on your iPad’s home screen. Note: Once you purchase an eBook on the website (via your iPad or on a computer), it will appear on the “Archived Items” page of up to five devices you have approved for access your Kindle account on

If you’re reading this somewhere other than my blog, you may want to visit it to see the illustrated directions below:

*This is a post I wrote when first learning about the changes in Apple’s licensing agreement. And here is a post from last month when Apple gave up on the most ridiculously illegal aspect of the license. I was hoping Amazon would fight the no-link policy as well. But I imagine Amazon has decided, why fight Apple in the courtroom when, they can fight them in the marketplace with a touch-screen device of their own.