Venn Diagram Inst@Review of the Movie Moneyball



I thought I’d written a blog-post review of the book when it came out, but google helped me discover it wasn’t on my blog, it was on So, for the record, here is a copy of what I wrote there on June 4, 2003:

A must-read business book about baseball: I’m not much of a baseball fan and rarely pay attention to it until the playoffs. However, I’m a fan of Michael Lewis’s ability to explore the nuances of business and the people who engage in it. I’ll leave it to others to argue the contribution this book makes to the literature of the sport of baseball. There is no question, however, that it is one of the best business books I’ve read in recent memory. Like his previous books, Moneyball is a fascinating story filled with colorful, textured characters in which we are amazed to discover the paradox of business success: that winners are always flawed, their success not always as it appears at first. The book has given me a new appreciation of baseball, but more importantly a new appreciation of the need to always challenge the conventional wisdom of experts. Success comes not from having the right answers but from asking the right questions.

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