Back to blogging basics

The other day, when I posted that venn diagram review of Moneyball, it generated lots of traffic, but it also generated an email from someone asking if I knew my blog have been hacked and tons of spam links were swarming all over it. Needless to say, I was not aware of that. And so, with a little help from some friends and a couple of the explosive experts at Hammock Labs, long-needed maintenance and moving took place.

As a temporary measure, I activated this theme, one of the default WordPress themes called Twenty Ten. With some CSS shots in the dark, I got it scaled back to what I wanted, while my real theme was being sanitized.

However, several people (estimate: between 2 and 4), said it was more readable than the previous them and, hey, I’m all about readability.

So, unless the 7 people (better known as “the majority of this blog’s readership”) don’t tell me differently, I’m going to use this theme as a foundation to do some things that I hope will get this blog ready for some new plans I’ve been kicking around.