Saturday-afternoon project: Server-rack standup desk

I’ve been wanting a stand-up desk at work and have been keeping my eye out for a drafting table like one I have at home — a beautiful old  piece I found, and my incredibly talented wood-working and artist father-in-law refinished for me 30 years ago.

On another front, some office conversion of formerly self-hosted activities to cloud-based solutions meant I was looking at a 12-year old surplus server rack sitting in my view for a few weeks. Tired of looking at it, I was about to list it on Craig’s list when it suddenly said to me, “Hey, I want to be a stand-up desk.”

Today, after a visit to a salvage yard with hopes of finding a suitable table top or door to saw up, I ended up spending $30 at Lowes for a 20″x62″ piece of cabinet grade pine and a small piece of inch-thick ply board to serve as a solid base.

I’ll tackle assembling and staining it tomorrow afternoon.

This could be the easiest wood working project I’ve ever attempted. Not quite a windsor chair, but still.

[Note: I took this photo with my iPhone, but will document the entire process with better photos and step-by-step details on a Flickr set I’ll link to later.]

Later: Here is a slideshow from a Flickr set that shows more of the process (and the finished desk).