Let them occupy

[Note: It goes without saying, the following post is a personal opinion — like everything else on this blog.]

While I’ve made fun of some of the political theater and in-articulate nature of the people I call occupyists, let me be clear about this: I think it is outrageous that a group of protesters in Nashville were dragged off the Legislative Plaza and arrested a few hours ago.

I could argue against the move on the basis of why it is a sure-to-fail strategic blunder on the part of the governor or whomever came up with it, but I’ll skip that advice.

My argument is on behalf of freedom. Freedom to blow your horns and drive around the Capitol if you don’t want a tax increase. Freedom to camp out and protest in front of the Capitol if you’re upset about the direction of the country.

I believe the action of ordering the Tennessee Highway Patrol to drag protesters off Legislative Plaza is a bigger threat to the citizens of Tennessee than any threat posed by the protesters.

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